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Stumble Upon Würzburg

October 2011.

When making online booking for my train journey from Frankfurt to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, I realized that I will need to stop by a small town called Würzburg, which also the starting point of world-famous Romantic Road (Romantische Straße) –  a popular tourist route which stretch along for more than 300kms from Würzburg to Füssen. So I decided to make a longer stop and took some time to explore the town.

Although there’s tram lines running in this town, it is relative easy to explore the city on foot due to its size. I got a nice walking map from the tourist information centre, and just followed along. Starting from the Hauptbahnhof, strolling down Kaiserstraße and take left in the Theaterstraße to the Würzburg Residenz.


Back view of Würzburg Residenz and its garden

If you’ve ever watched the movie The Three Musketeers starring Logan Leerman, then this is the place where they shoot the scene of Versailles Palace. It is especially famous for its magnificent pillar-less staircase and has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Entrance is EUR7.50per person, and there’s also a free guided tour in Germany and English. Based on my research over the internet, you can only see the famous Mirror Cabinet if you join the guided-tour. Unfortunately, the English guided-tour only available at 1100 and 1500 while I got there at 1200 and will have to leave to Rothenburg ob der Tauber by 1500. The closest guided-tour available would be only in German. Not wanting to missed out one of the highlight of the palace, I decided to join the Germany guided-tour anyway. Good thing I already did my homework before I came here, so at least I got a little bit of the picture. Funny thing is, I was able to get more information from a couple of Japanese who were on private guided tour in Japanese (lol) But it was worth it. The Mirror Cabinet is absolutely stunning. Its wall is completely covered by glasses which decorated by gold paintings. The room was destroyed sometime during the WWII and it was reconstructed based on mirror fragments and photographs. The work took almost 10 years to complete.


Panoramic view from Alte Mainbrücke

After finishing my tour in Residenz, I continued walking to the Würzburg Old Bridge (Alte Mainbrücke) The bridge is decorated with statues of saints and historical figures. From this bridge, we can have a view of the Marienberg Fortress which is located on a hill across the bridge. Due to lack of time, I didn’t have the chance to visit the castle.


Outside view of Festung Marienberg

Going straight down the bridge, we’re directly facing the Wurzburg Cathedral (Cathedral St. Kilian) which is the seat of the Bishop of Würzburg.


Cathedral St. Kilian

Not far from the Cathedral, we can also see the Church of our Lady (Marienkapelle) standing in the middle of the market square. It stands out from the surrounding because of its red façade.



Also in the market square, there’s a lot of cafes with outside seating, which is perfect for enjoying the warm weather with a bottle of Würzburger Hofbraeu.

Short might be my visit to the city, but it was definitely memorable.

Things I love about Würzburg :

1. Its compact size. You can spend a day walking through the historical center and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city.

2. The lady at Ditsch counter in front of the Hauptbahnhof. Even though I couldn’t speak a word in German and she doesn’t speak any English, her smile and warm welcome had totally made my day. Talk about the stereotype of “cold” German.

3. The Residenz. The Palace is something. But the garden is absolutely something else. If it wasn’t for the train schedule which I’ve booked in advance, I could spend hours in this garden alone, finding a quiet spot to just enjoy myself.

4. The Alte Mainbrücke. It’s said that this bridge resembles Charles Bridge in Prague. Since I haven’t got the chance to visit Prague, I guess this bridge have pretty much gave me a picture of it. Also you can have a calming view of Main River which crossed through the town. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the warmth sun and do some people-watching.

Have you ever visit Würzburg or any other town along the Romantic Road?

How was your experience?

7 thoughts on “Stumble Upon Würzburg

  1. Beautiful photos (and blog!) I love compact cities as you really feel immersed in the local culture and you don’t have to rush around too much either 🙂 Oslo is very similar in that respect – I managed to see most of the key sites in less than 48 hours!

    Look forward to reading more of your blogs 🙂

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