Fun with Trick Art

November 2009.

If there’s only one museum that you can visit during your visit to Japan, it should be this one. Though it’s not your regular museum filled with historical work of arts, it’s a magnificent and very fun place to visit. I do assure you that your precious yen will definitely paid off.

Located in the Takao area, the museum can be reached by using Keio Line from Shinjuku Station. Admission cost JPY1,300 and you can even get a JPY200 discount if you print the voucher from its official website!

Bring along your friends (or people from your hostel) to get a massive fun at the museum! 


Psstt.. What’re you looking at, lil’ girl?


Wonder where this door will take me?


Don’t forget to pay your ticket first!


Oh, no! Crocodille!!!


This one shoot was pretty hard to do!


Don’t leave me!!


Crap, this is heavy!


Kiss the Fish :*


Oh look at that fish flying out of his frame!


My head on the platter..


Honey I shrunk the kid?!

Have you ever been to a trick art museum or exhibition? How was your experience?


Disclaimer :

I have no affiliation whatsoever with the museum and paid the entrance fee on my own.


15 thoughts on “Fun with Trick Art

  1. desember lalu juga ada tuh di Grand indonesia, sayang ga sempet dateng.

    eh ada dipasaraya grande yah? aaaaaa pengeeenn


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